Raptor class, and it’s free!


Our next class will be Saturday May 30th. The class is Raptors and will include Oklahoma Hawks, Owls, and Eagles. Classes start at 10 am and last an hour. If you would like to sign up for this free class let us know here, call, or email us. Our number is 321-8686.

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Did you know…


Did you know…The red of a male House Finch comes from pigments contained in its food during molt (birds can’t make bright red or yellow colors directly). So the more pigment in the food, the redder the male. This is why people sometimes see orange or yellowish male House Finches.


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Check out our new Aurora Water Wiggler


The soft lighted glow of Aurora Water Wiggler makes a beautiful accent for your garden birdbath! Reduce the mosquito population and attract more birds! The Water Wiggler’s silent agitator runs 24 hours a day, creating continuous water ripples. Birds love moving water – and mosquitoes require stagnant water for egg-laying. Plus, the new Aurora Water Wiggler features a gradually changing rainbow of colors that casts a soft glow at night. Light turns on automatically at dusk, glows for three hours, then shuts off automatically. Operates on 2 D Batteries (not included).

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Mother’s Days gift ideas


Just in time for Mother’s Day…Come in and take advantage of our 20% OFF
One Regularly-priced, Non-Bird Food Item.*


*Valid on in-store purchases only. Not valid with other discounts or previous purchases, gift cards, optics, DSC memberships. Offer expires 5/23/15, here at the 3770 W Robinson St #104


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Rain, rain, bring it on!


WBU Weather Guard: Add a WBU Weather Guard to our WBU Seed Tube Feeders, Finch Feeders and Peanut Feeders to protect the food and birds from inclement weather (like today!). It has a lifetime guarantee and is easy to install. Weather guards are available in two sizes. So bring on the rain!

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A nice rainy day!

Squirrel Buster Plus Weather Guard: It is hard to imagine the WBU Eliminator or Squirrel Buster Plus squirrel resistant feeder getting any better, but there is a new accessory that makes this feeder that much better, the Squirrel Buster Plus Weather Guard. The weather guard is easy to install (or we will be glad to do it for you if you bring your feeder in) and gives the birds ample room to light on the perch ring under the guard. Help keep your seed dry and your birds comfy while they eat! The Weather Guard is made of UV-protected polycarbonate and has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects. It can be added to any existing WBU Eliminator or Squirrel Buster Plus.


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Orioles in Oklahoma…Are you ready?


20% OFF Oriole Feeders
Now Thru April 30th
One of North America’s most popular fruit-eating birds is the oriole and we can help you attract them to your yard. The Orioles will be here any day.
Orioles are known to enjoy orange slices, grape jelly and mealworms offered from tray-style feeders. Nectar feeders can also be used. Heat up two cups of water; add 1/3 cup of sugar; cool and fill the feeder. Be patient and keep the foods fresh, replacing them every few days and be sure to keep your feeders clean, too.

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