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The hummingbirds are back in Oklahoma!

Oh happy day! According to the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are in central Oklahoma. Here at the store our Nyjer® seed and Finch Blend sale ends today. However, when you come in and buy a Wild Birds Unlimited Hummingbird Feeder you … Continue reading

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Eye-catching rain chains

Spring showers may bring beautiful flowers but these rain chains will brighten any day! We have a delightful selection of eye-catching polished copper rain chains. They are handcrafted in stunning Old World style with superior workmanship. The copper finish develops … Continue reading

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Bird Trivia: The American Goldfinch molts all its body feathers each spring. This molt requires a large amount of nutrients and energy which probably diminishes their ability to nest earlier in the season. (They usually start nesting in late July … Continue reading

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Seed and Suet Cylinders on sale now

Seed and Suet Cylinders are an easy and quick way to feed the birds. We are now going to make it even easier for you…Save 15% on our Seed Cylinders and Cylinder Feeders-Now through 3/21/15, Don’t Miss the Savings!

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Monarchs on the move

Monarchs spend the winter in Mexico; then in March, they begin their yearly migration northward. Follow this link for more information and beautiful photos.

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Eastern Bluebird houses

Bluebird houses Because bluebirds lack a strong bill to excavate a cavity for nesting, they depend on finding the used cavities of other birds or man-made houses. Bluebird populations had declined steadily over the years due to habitat loss. But, … Continue reading

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