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Alessondra’s OKC Great Horned Owl-Cam

Here is a link to a local (OKC) Great Horned Owl-cam. Alessondra is so excited about this. What a great learning experience for her. The FL cam with the nesting Bald Eagles….the babies are growing growing so fast!

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Just in case you missed it…

Because we couldn’t accommodate everyone, and so many wanted to attend… we are repeating our workshop on How To Attract More Birds! This Saturday, March 2nd 10am to 11am Do you already feed birds, but need help attracting a greater variety … Continue reading

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NutraSaff…you’re going to love it!

Introducing Our Newest Seed: NutraSaff! We are so excited about a new seed we now have here at the store. NutraSaff, also known as golden safflower, has all the benefits of regular Safflower…and more. It has a higher protein and … Continue reading

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We love birds!

Here is a Northern Flicker feeding on the ground. This is the one woodpecker that feeds on the ground. It was looking for grubs, worms, slugs and other treats. Have a great day!

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Oh…It’s on!

Goooood Morning! Yes, our seed sale is in full swing! It ends on the 9th….That’s this Saturday! Our next seed sale will be in June. On the 16th we are holding a workshop on Bird houses/ nesting boxes. We only … Continue reading

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Carolina Wren…How sweet it is!

This is a Carolina Wren. He was singing up a storm…..and loud! Offering live or dried mealworms is a great way to attract wrens to your feeding station. Wrens are also enticed with suet, nuts and fruits. They like leaf … Continue reading

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