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Seeing is believing!

So my birding goal this weekend was to see a Dark-eyed Junco. As you can see from these photos I met that goal!If you see Juncos in you backyard put some Millet out. They love Millet. The types of feeders … Continue reading

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Bluebirds, Robins and Mockingbirds oh yes….

                                                      Here is an Eastern Bluebird Here in Oklahoma we are blessed with a wide variety of birds year round. Some of these birds include Eastern Bluebirds, American Robins and  the Northern Mockingbirds. We will be seeing them all winter. What … Continue reading

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We have new products!

Drop by and check out all our new products. We have an area dedicated to bluebirds. This area includes dried and fresh packed mealworms. Now you can offer your birds a natural food without having to deal with storing “live” food. (We do … Continue reading

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