Fall seed sale ends this Wednesday, Oct. 8th


It’s true…This Wednesday (Oct. 8th) is our last day of the fall seed sale. All seed, seed blends, peanuts, suet, and nectars are on sale. Make sure you don’t miss this last seed sale of the year!

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Exciting news!


Okay here is something EXCITING…

And because you are on Facebook you are hearing this news first!

Starting tomorrow, Oct.1st, we will open an hour earlier (9am) on Wednesdays,Thursdays, and Fridays.
So our hours are;
M+T 10am-6pm
W-F  9am-6pm
and Saturday 9am-6pm.
We are very excited to open an hour early for all of you who need to start your shopping earlier.
Have a great day…

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Woodpecker Class this Saturday


The wonderful world of woodpeckers
Saturday Oct 4th.

Woodpecker are amazing birds!
In our class this Saturday we will be talking about woodpeckers and  flickers. Find out why they don’t get headaches while they drum. How they still have a beak after pecking those trees. How long their tongues are. What they eat and what seeds to put out to attract them to your yard. There is so much more we will cover in very fun and entertaining class.
Our classes are for adults, call to reserve a spot.

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Nectar with friends


Happy Friday!
So check out these hummingbirds…Have you ever seen hummingbirds share nectar ports? We thought this was pretty cool. The feeder is a ‘Best 1′ hummingbird feeder, and yes we sell them. How are your hummers? Have a great weekend.


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Seed sale starts NOW…


It is true, it is true…Our seed sale starts today!
Come and stock up on all of our seeds, seed blends, and peanuts. The sale runs now through Oct. 8th (perfect timing for fall migration). This is our last seed sale of the year. Drop by and let’s talk birds…

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Black-chinned Hummingbirds

You have two more days to swap out that older grungy feeder for 20% off a bright shiny new feeder.

Now is the time to rush the store!

Here is a shot of a Black-chinned Hummingbird, he is the one in the back. See that flash of purple…It is an amazing hummer!
Have a great Friday and see you soon…


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Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!
Now just because you aren’t seeing the hummers doesn’t mean they are not there. These photos were taken early in the morning as the sun was rising, by noon the hummers were no where to be seen. Keeping those feeders clean and filled (with fresh nectar) will ensure healthy hummingbirds. Anyone seeing the Black-chinned Hummingbird?

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