Happy Halloween anch check out these characters!


Happy Halloween!
We are so excited that our cute characters are back, you totally need to stop by and see them. Oh, and we are running a special…Buy two and get the third one 1/2 off. Best day ever! Now, this sale is for a limited time only and ends on the 19th of November. Have a great and sweet filled day!




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Excitement is in the air, oh wait, it is birds!


Have you heard?

One week from tomorrow is our bird walk!
Join us for a relaxing day (Well, okay a couple of hours) of birding. We’ll meet at the store and then head to the lake. Talk about excited, Deena is brushing the dust off of her camera as we type this! Let us know if you can come and we’ll sign you up, 321-8686 is our number.

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Bird walk, Nov. 1st 2014…You should come!


Guess what…It’s time for our bird walk!

Yes it’s true!
If you ever wanted to go birding but didn’t know where to go…..we have a little trip for you!
We will meet at Wild Birds Unlimited in Norman, on Saturday morning November 1st, at 8:30am (That’s next Saturday!). We will drive to Lake Thunderbird (we can carpool if you like.) This time of year is wonderful for seeing all kinds of birds. Bring your binoculars, field guide and bottled water. Walking will be minimal. If you are interested in going, give us a call at 321.8686 so we know who to expect.

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Happy Monday!


Happy Monday!
Class on Saturday was great. Thank you all for coming out on a game day! Our next class will be November 1st…In less than two weeks! We will be announcing the subject of our next class on Wed. (Oh the anticipation!). Have a great day!

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Solmate socks…They’re back!


They’re back!
Solmate socks are here. We have a really great selection of these most comfortable socks. They’re made here in the USA and are knit from 100% recycled materials. What a great quick gift for any occasion. Drop by and give them a feel…They’re awesome!

photo (3)

photo (1)


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Learn about Chickadees, Titmouse, and Nuthatches this Saturday

suet feeder alt[1]

Good Morning!
Our feeder wash on Saturday was spectacular. We scrubbed and cleaned a lot of feeders…Thanks a bunch from the birds and us!
This Saturday is our class- The Secret lives of Chickadees, Titmouse and Nuthatch. There will be cool facts about theseĀ  active, agile little birds. We will cover what they eat and what you can to put out to attract them. These three birds hang out and feed together from fall to spring…What? Find out all the facts on Saturday, we are signing people up now.

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Feeder wash today!



Today is the day…Feeder wash day!
Bring ‘em dirty…Trust us we’ve seen it all. The feeders will be ready after 4pm today. Want to pick them up next week, no problem just let us know when you drop them off. We also have a sign up sheet for the class next week. The class is The Secret Life of the Nuthatch, Titmouse, and Chickadees. It will be a great class…Like always.

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