Cool front for Oklahoma


The cold front is moving through Oklahoma this morning, hip hip hooray!. It will be the perfect weekend to fill the feeders and enjoy those birds. If your feeders need to be cleaned drop them by here and we will clean them for you. We will be cleaning them tomorrow, but feel free to bring them by today. See you soon and enjoy the cooler weather.

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Monarchs on the move in Oklahoma


Today will be the best day to see the Monarch butterflies here in the Norman area. We had several flying past our windows yesterday. Recently, the NWS office here in Norman, Oklahoma, spotted insects along waterways in northern parts of the state, as well as southern Kansas, on radar (AKA bird buffet). How totally cool is this! Have a great Thursday and let us know if you are seeing the monarchs.

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Feeder cleaning this Saturday….bring ‘em dirty!


Fall/Winter Feeder Cleaning
This Saturday, October 11, 10am-2pm
Bring us your bird feeders and we will clean them for you at $5 per feeder, and $2 for each accessory (trays, weather guards, squirrel baffles, etc).
We are now accepting early drop offs. We will soak, scrub, power wash, and sanitize your feeders and accessories.
And remember, don’t clean them before you bring them…we’ve seen everything!!
Have a question….give us a call at 321.8686
New Store Hours, Monday and Tuesday 10am to 6pm
Wednesday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm
Closed Sunday

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Fall seed sale ends this Wednesday, Oct. 8th


It’s true…This Wednesday (Oct. 8th) is our last day of the fall seed sale. All seed, seed blends, peanuts, suet, and nectars are on sale. Make sure you don’t miss this last seed sale of the year!

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Exciting news!


Okay here is something EXCITING…

And because you are on Facebook you are hearing this news first!

Starting tomorrow, Oct.1st, we will open an hour earlier (9am) on Wednesdays,Thursdays, and Fridays.
So our hours are;
M+T 10am-6pm
W-F  9am-6pm
and Saturday 9am-6pm.
We are very excited to open an hour early for all of you who need to start your shopping earlier.
Have a great day…

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Woodpecker Class this Saturday


The wonderful world of woodpeckers
Saturday Oct 4th.

Woodpecker are amazing birds!
In our class this Saturday we will be talking about woodpeckers and  flickers. Find out why they don’t get headaches while they drum. How they still have a beak after pecking those trees. How long their tongues are. What they eat and what seeds to put out to attract them to your yard. There is so much more we will cover in very fun and entertaining class.
Our classes are for adults, call to reserve a spot.

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Nectar with friends


Happy Friday!
So check out these hummingbirds…Have you ever seen hummingbirds share nectar ports? We thought this was pretty cool. The feeder is a ‘Best 1′ hummingbird feeder, and yes we sell them. How are your hummers? Have a great weekend.


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