Free class on Hummingbirds and Orioles!

200Okay…Our Hummingbird/ Oriole Class is set for Saturday, March 1st. (That’s 2 weeks from tomorrow!) It’s free, fun and informative. The fun begins at 10am and lasts an hour. Seating is limited so call or drop by to reserve your spot. (405) 321-8686.

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Help Birds Weather the Storm


Help Birds Weather the Storm

Just as we rely on coats, hats and mittens to keep us warm in the face of winter’s icy grip, birds employ a number of methods to survive the adversity of winter. And you can help!

Food is the most essential element, providing birds with the energy, stamina and nutrition they need. To stay warm, birds will expend energy very quickly, some losing up to 10% of their body weight on extremely cold nights. An ample supply of high-calorie foods such as black oil sunflower, insects and suet is crucial to a bird’s survival.

We can play a vital role, as feeding the birds becomes critical when extremely cold conditions occur. At these times, a supply of food can mean the difference between life and death for a bird.

Most birds will adjust their feathers to create air pockets that will help them keep warm. You will often notice the birds look fatter or “puffed up” during cold weather. This is because the birds are fluffing up their feathers; the more air space, the better the insulation.

Staying warm is not all about food and feathers though. Some birds perch on one leg at a time, drawing the free leg to their breast for warmth. Most birds will shiver for short term adjustments to the cold. Shivering converts muscular energy into heat for the short term, but the energy must be replenished shortly thereafter.

While birds are equipped to withstand most winter weather, survival can be made easier by providing food, a heated, open source of water and protection from the elements with natural plant cover or a roosting box.

Stop by the store today and let us show you which high-energy foods will help your birds brave the cold snap!

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Have you heard?

bird foodSubtle?


See ya soon!

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Bird Food Sale


All of our bird seed and food is on sale now!

This sale won’t last forever….Saturday to be exact. If you are a member of the Daily Savings Club you get an additional 5% the seed sale price. Not a member? We can get you signed up, drop by for more details.

no mess    Rush on in and stock up. deluxe

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Bird Bath Sale

cardinalNow through January 25th (that’s this Saturday) all of our bird baths are on sale. The baths are 20% off. We have a great selection of baths including; glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, cast stone and granite. Drop by and take a look at our baths.

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50% off…too cool to miss!

seed house

Seed covered house

Looking for some great deals?

Seed covered houses are just one of the great deals we have for you.


Cranberry Seed Wreath

These Cranberry Wreaths are wonderful and the birds love them!


Rascal the Raccoon

Rascal the Raccoon is one of the birds favorite treats.

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It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!


Need some last minute gifts for teachers, host/hostess, and/or neighbors?….We sooooo got that!

Image (2)

Drop in and we will help you find the perfect things.

Image (3)We will even lightly wrap it for you with tissue and a bag.

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